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Light of Lemuria Spiritual Reading


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

  • 1 hr = $165

  • 1.5 = $240

Crystal dreaming

This powerful ceremony will enchant you into the magical dreaming. Your journey will begin with a Soul Path Reading with a clairvoyant, Tarot and medium channelling to guide your spirit in a state of awakening.
It is here were you are swept away by the subtle alchemy sounds from the angelic crystal bowls infused with a powerful Reiki healing to transform you to a timeless place where you can discover your true self.
Feel your senses surrender and dance to the tunes as you are guided through a personalized meditation to clear you from pain, struggle, trauma and stress.
A reading and healing together is a powerful combination to give you energy, vision and power for your dreaming, your life, your soul.

  • 1 hr = $165

  • 1.5 hr = $240

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“I absolutely love my 1.5 hour Crystal Dreaming sessions I have with Trisha which I have been doing every 5-6 months for the past few years. Trisha always seems to be in tune to what my mind, body and soul requires and I go into a deep relaxation out of my head. The healing sound of the crystal bowls makes me feel refreshed, recharged and at peace. Also, the reading which is included, has given me good guidance too. I barely have to ask my questions as Trisha is so intuitive and her answers are so detailed. My last session was so helpful, she was able to describe my work situation, atmosphere/personalities so accurately that it was like she was there. I have never met anyone so spot on before. No wonder I keep coming back”!
Teresa, Brisbane 2017
Light of Lemuria Spiritual Reading


Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot Card is an ancient magical system that foretells someone’s future by using the symbols and picture of the card to bring awareness, self-discovery and personal growth.  Amongst this reading, the Tarot cards are used as a tool to connect and communicate with your higher self. You will intuitively choose the cards that are destined, to open consciousness to your own intuition and inner wisdom. The answers and guidance you seek will be revealed to you so it can help you in your future and heal ones past.

  • 1 hr = $165

Soul path reading

A Soul Path Reading is a cleverly crafted reading that uses a range of techniques that include clairvoyant, medium channelling, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairempathy, clairtangency (reading jewellery) and clairsentient to ensure the seeker gets a very accurate and profound healing to guide them on their journey. This method taps into the seeker’s soul’s blue print and gets messages straight from the source itself’, their higher self. A Soul Path Reading taps into messages from your higher self, your spirit guides, loved ones and even past life reincarnations. As life begins we usually check out from ourselves… and stuff happens… life happens. This profound reading is very healing and will help you reconnect back to your higher self, you true purpose. It will give you the tools to get through boundaries and blockages that may present themselves at the present moment and in the future. To help close the chapter in the past to pain, trauma or to just to move forward to a much happier self.

  • 1 hr = $165 (Skype reading available)

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“I could not be more grateful to have been put in the direction of Trisha by a great friend, at a time i was feeling incredibly lifeless and confused. After talking to Trisha, life made sense again and i felt the most incredible sense of motivation, empowerment and accepted in that moment, I was on the right track. Everything she said has been completely accurate, it was seriously unreal to hear the words coming from her as they were so right and confirmed so much for me in the skype reading. Thank you Trisha, you are a blessing”.
Alice, Melbourne 2017
Light of Lemuria Spiritual Reiki

Reiki Training

Discover the art of healing as you study the ancient traditional Japanese Reiki. This course covers the importance of the chakras and chakra balancing, distant healing, crystal alignment healings and intuitive readings. You will learn how to understand energy and will be able to clear and heal the aura, homes, people, and empower your life. This is a very intense training for anyone wishing to heal their life, become a practitioner, relieve pain, relaxation and for psychic development.

Reiki Certificate 1

Reiki level 1 connects you to the raw powers of the universal energy. Here you will learn how Reiki works and its history. Reiki level 1 is all about Reiki for the self and being a channel for pure healing energy. You will also learn how to give Reiki to family and friends.

  • Certificate and manual included
  • 4 hrs = $495

Reiki certificate 2

Reiki level 2 deepens your connection to Reiki by attuning to very ancient symbols. Here you will be given techniques to hold, control and direct energy. You will learn to send this powerful energy long distance, cut through blockages and negative boundaries in your own life and open your heart to a new frequency of being. The course includes the teachings of crystal healings, chakra balancing and intuitive reading techniques.

  • Certificate and manual included
  • 4 hrs = $495

  • Reiki 1 & 2 combined = $695

Reiki Master

Reiki level 3 Master and Teacher is for those who want to teach and become outstanding healers. This is the ultimate connection to the cosmos through the crown chakra. It is here were you are given master symbols for initiating your own students and to transform your life forever.

  • Certificate and manual included
  • 4 hrs = $695

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  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Soul path reading
  • Healing

  • Crystal dreaming

  • Reiki Certificate 1

  • Reiki certificate 2

  • Reiki Master

Healings, Readings & Reiki Training

Trisha Croft

Trisha Croft is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Naturopath and lore keeper of traditional sharmanic healing traditions, indigenous to Australia. She is founder of Light of Lemuria and Tour Director for Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours, which has become an unveiling to loving yourself and your spiritual path.

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