Reiki Training
Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast

The Birth of Reiki

Reiki's birth place is at Mt Kurama Japan, where a man called Dr Usui discovered a healing art through an intense meditation practice for 21 days. Dr Usui was a doctor of medicine as well as a minister of religion, a buddist monk who had studied qi gong, shinto, buddhism and christianity. He wanted proof that healing was possible since jesus healed, he thought that humans could as well. Dr Usui meditated for 21 days and on the last day a beam of light struck his third eye and he had reached enlightenment, it is said that symbols appeared in his mind and he was given the names for each of these ancient symbols. He used the energy from this beam and the symbols together to form what is now called Reiki healing.
From that day on Dr Usui healed for the rest of his life, healing the sick. It was not till years after, that he began to teach the art of Reiki and now it is world wide. 
I have been inititated on that very mountain and recieved my gift of Reiki, Dr Usui in spirit witnessed this very sacred rite.