Skype Reading 

 skype address - live:trishacroft

"Having a Skype soul path reading with Trisha was wonderful.
It was no different to being in the room except I was in the convenience and comfort of my own home. Trisha's insight and connection was powerful and gave clarity around certain aspects of my life. Wonderful experience".
Love and light,
De-Anne - ​NSW

"I first met Trisha at a Lifestyle Retreat in QLD where she works, where I had a Crystal Dreaming Treatment, which included a Sound Crystal Bowl Healing and a Soul Path Reading. This treatment was by far the highlight of my seven days at the retreat.  
I have since had another Crystal Dreaming Treatment with Trisha long distance via Skype. The long distance healing was extremely powerful and the insights Trisha provided in my reading gave me clarity, direction and understanding of things that were happening in my life.
Trisha has a strong and beautiful energy that comes through in her treatments. I have highly recommended her to my friends who I think would benefit from this". 

Love and light,
New zealand