Soul Path Reading

A Soul Path Reading is a cleverly crafted reading that uses a range of techniques that include clairvoyant, medium channeling, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairempathy, clairtangency and clairscent to ensure the seeker gets a very acurate and profound healing to guide them on their journey. This method taps into the seeker's soul's blue print and gets messages straight from the source itself', their higher self. A Soul Path Reading taps into messages from your higher self, your spirit guides, loved ones and even past life reincarnations. As life begins we usually check out from ourselves... and stuff happens... life happens. This profound reading is very healing and will help you reconnect back to your higher self, you true purpose. It will give you the tools to get through boundaries and blockages that may present themselves at the present moment and in the future. To help close the chapter in the past to pain, trauma or to just to move forward to a more happier self.
1 Hr Soul Path Reading $100



Hi Trish,
Hope all is going well with you. I just wanted to give you an update with how everything is going as it has been a busy year already! I reacted quite emotionally to the reading that you provided but found it to be extremely beneficial to reflect on what my needs are for the future. Your reading triggered me to start a journey that has been amazing and I would like to thank you for the profound impact that it has had on my life. I feel very zen about everything even though there are alot of changes circling me. 
Trisha I would love to have a reading with you again to stay focussed and just for a review.
Alison - Perth, WA

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