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“My name is Mario and I have completed one of the best spiritual tours in Egypt with Trisha and also with an amazing group, which was part of the tour and a great Egyptian tour guide. The sites seen were amazing from the different temples, to the lovely Nile sceneries in Aswan and Luxor, the amazing Pyramids as well as the Red Sea Resort. Also was amazing was the spiritual links and energies emitted from the different temples, together with the healing and readings done by Trisha has triggered a new spiritual path to my life as well as the breaking of some karmas of the past.  I have enjoyed every minute, together with some of my physical trauma which was lessened by the groups help and all the healing energy work. It’s a tour I would recommend to anyone, to achieve great spiritual benefits”.
Cheers and love,
Mario, Egypt Gypsy Tour 2016

I found this Egyptian tour absolutely amazing. If you can only do one tour in your life, this is the only tour you should do. We were in a small private group which was great. Light of Lemuria was incredibly supportive and easy to communicate with. The places that I went to across Egypt was so interesting. Any questions that I had were all answered quickly and concisely by email and Skype. Personally I could not thank the Director of Light of Lemuria more for the unending support she showed me before and during my tour in Egypt. I knew that the climb inside the Great Pyramid was going to be potentially challenging for me due to health reasons and many had said I would not make it. However the Director of Light of Lemuria was intent on me experiencing all that I could and she supported me through the entire climb. Not only did I learn so much about the history and culture of Egypt and its people but I developed spiritually within myself as well. I would highly recommend Light of Lemuria and their Egyptian tour to anybody. Do yourselves a favour and get on board one of Light of Lemuria’s Egyptian tours.

Vicki, Egypt Gypsy Tour 2017
Hi Trisha,
Hope you are well,
I had a reading last weekend with you and I had a Tarot card reading.
I’m not to sure if you remember me or not.
I had to email and tell you what happened because i just couldnt believe it.
You had told me at one stage something was wrong with my car and that I should keep an eye on it.
Only 4 days later (yesterday) my car battery died TWICE and needed to be replaced!
I was in complete shock as to how accurate you were and just had to share it with you.
Was so lovely meeting you and having my reading, I havent stopped thinking about it.

Have a lovely weekend

Tiffany Stoliar, VIC 2016
I found Trish to be very insightful.
Her first comments to me – without any engagement about my circumstances, was precisely the theme that I have been working towards with my therapist for years.
Trish has a great energy and immediately put me at ease. I would recommend Trish to anyone looking for spiritual guidance.

Warm regards,
Anne Barnet, VIC 2016
Hi Trish,
Hope all is going well with you. I just wanted to give you an update with how everything is going as it has been a busy year already! I reacted quite emotionally to the reading that you provided but found it to be extremely beneficial to reflect on what my needs are for the future. Your reading triggered me to start a journey that has been amazing and I would like to thank you for the profound impact that it has had on my life. I feel very zen about everything even though there are alot of changes circling me.
Trisha I would love to have a reading with you again to stay focussed and just for a review.

Alison, Perth, WA 2016
Having a Skype soul path reading with Trisha was wonderful.
it was no different to being in the room except I was in the convenience and comfort of my own home. Trisha’s insight and connection was powerful and gave clarity around certain aspects of my life. Wonderful experience.

Love and light,
De-Anne, NSW 2016
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