Trisha Croft
BHSc Naturopath, Clairvoyant Medium channel & Healer
Trisha Croft is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Naturopath and lore keeper of traditional sharmanic healing traditions, indigenous to Australia. She is founder of Light of Lemuria and Tour Director for Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours, which has become an unveiling to loving yourself and your spiritual path. 

Trisha was raised by her family, her Aboriginal elders, connecting her to her roots and Mother Earth at a very young age. Her gifts have been passed down from a line of Aboriginal healers, sorcerers, trackers & medicine women. 

Trisha has condensed practical principles and ancient spiritual wisdom from her experiences and teachings to empower us to rip through the illusions and deceptions of our lives, so that we can start to live a more fulfilling existence fearlessly from the heart.

Trisha's spiritual journey of enlightenment after her blood line heritage teachings, guided her on a spiritual pilgrimage of travel, a free gypsy spirit to find the nature of love and self-empowerment. It is here where she dedicated her life to Paganism and went in search to follow the philosophies of the divine feminine and the Goddess work.

Finding amazing teachers along the way, she was lead back home eventually to the Motherland of Egypt, Egypt is where she found her heart and it was here that her life changed forever. Trisha is a High Priestess who dedicates her life to the Goddess, she takes spiritual tours to Egypt, Hawaii and India to connect you back to the source of the Mother. 

Sharing her wisdom and knowledge, her compassionate, fun-loving attitude has inspired many in their journey for healing, renewal and strong virtue. Her Medium clairvoyant abilities helps her to tap into the wisdom of the Ancients to deliver a deeply spiritual and powerful tour.

Trisha is a defender of "practicing what she preaches", she cherishes spiritual travel and has spent the last 10 years dedicated to Light of Lemuria's Gypsy Tours, travelling extensively as a solo and with her spiritual groups.

Light of Lemuria's shop is based on the Gold Coast Australia where she practices her alchemy and performs her treatments. She is a certified Naturopath, Beauty therapist, Reiki Master, Holistic therapist, Massage therapist and Advance Medical clinician.