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Egypt Gypsy Tour

2019 & 2020

Spiritual & Sacred Experience

Perhaps you have always had a premonition of going to Egypt, or have had past life experiences in Ancient Egypt. Maybe you are tired of the mundane and everyday life and long for change, to have these magical moments in the temples of light, and to come back to incorporate this magic back into your life?

If you’re the sort that walks to the beat of a different drum, is in tune with that deeper inner calling and yearning for something more and would LOVE to explore the deeper mysteries hidden in plain sight of the ordinary tourist and the uninitiated  person… then I’d LOVE for you and your friends to join us and allow me to be your guide into the rich tapestry and capture the true essence of Ancient Egypt. 

Egypt Spiritual Tour

“Sometimes you have a vision or dream that no one else can see but yourself. One of my dreams was of the romantic, mystic and the most ancient of civilisations of Egypt. Then I had the pleasure of doing a tour to Egypt with Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours with Trisha in 2016. Her divine presence and understanding of the spiritual side of the tour was like being shifted back to the magical era of the ancient times combined with her historical guide, you will be transformed effortlessly through the breathtaking and compelling country. I can’t thank Trisha enough for this life changing experience so much so I’m going back a 2nd time with her”

Jenny, Egypt Gypsy Tour 2016 & 2019

Hawaii Gypsy Tour


Spiritual & Cultural Experience

There are beloved souls who are destined to be here with us in Lemuria. You can feel the call, that yearning in your heart, the longing to return home, to a place that the heavens called paradise. You heard our voices whisper to your heart, your very cells remember this sacred land and know that you have been here before. It is recorded in your DNA and it remembers Hawaii. And we remember you. We have always been with you in your heart and now is the time to awaken your remembrance, even now we cover our wings of love and light around you and say to you this “all Lemurian souls will gather in union, once more, to celebrate the heavens on this Earth, come home dear ones, we have longed for your return, the return of the Light of Lemuria”.

Hawaii Spiritual Tour

“This was a superb tour… beautifully crafted, embracing the GODDESS and connecting with ancient history, energies and wisdom of Egypt. The accommodation, cruise, hospitality was wonderful and the experiences truly memorable. Trisha and Ahmed not only have a fount of knowledge but are wonderful hosts that went to great lengths to provide us with experiences much beyond expectations and I cannot thank them enough”.

Amy, Egypt Gypsy Tour 2019

Peru Gypsy Tour


Spiritual & Cultural Experience

Join us on this incredible journey to the sacred sites of the Peruvian Andes, to learn from the esoteric teachings of Andean mysticism in the spiritual tradition of the Inca through gifted guides, sharing teachings of the ancient mysteries, while navigating the inner / outer planes of existence with Light of Lemuria Peru Gypsy Tours.

We concentrate specifically on spiritual pilgrimages at holy places, so carefully constructed and planned, our well-respected and passionate team will go above and beyond for the care and needs of the gypsy traveller. Our Gypsy Tours support you in exploring the freedom of self-discovery and nurturing the soul. You will make lifetime friendships by holidaying at several of the world’s utmost magical and life-changing consecrated spaces. Assisting in the wisdom and knowledge of various ancient spiritual cultures and their teachings, ceremonies with the medicine Women and Men of the land, rituals and healing traditions.

Peru Spiritual Tour
Trisha Croft

Meet your guide – Trisha Croft

Trisha Croft is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Naturopath and lore keeper of traditional sharmanic healing traditions, indigenous to Australia. She is founder of Light of Lemuria and Tour Director for Light of Lemuria Gypsy Tours, which has become an unveiling to loving yourself and your spiritual path.

Learn More about Trisha Croft
Light of Lemuria Spiritual Healing

Crystal Dreaming Healing

This powerful ceremony Healing will enchant you into the magical dreaming.
It is here were you are swept away by the subtle alchemy sounds from the angelic crystal bowls infused with a powerful Reiki healing to transform you to a timeless place where you can discover your true self.
A reading and healing together is a powerful combination to give you energy, vision and power for your dreaming, your life, your soul.

Light of Lemuria Spiritual Reading


“When I give a reading, I dive into multidimensional realities, channeling the Akashic records of a soul’s blue print. My technique goes deep into the eye of the beholder and foretells the map of one’s past (even past lives), the patterns that reveal their present karmas and the path that creates their future”.

Light of Lemuria Spiritual Reiki

Reiki Training

Discover the art of healing as you study the ancient traditional Japanese Reiki. This course covers the importance of the chakras and chakra balancing, distant healing, crystal alignment healings and intuitive readings. You will learn how to understand energy and will be able to clear and heal the aura, homes, people, and empower your life. This is a very intense training for anyone wishing to heal their life, become a practitioner, relieve pain, relaxation and for psychic development

Reiki Training

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